Sunday, November 28, 2010

Washer Jewelry....It's a wrap

The washer jewelry has been around for awhile....I know I am a little slow. I wanted to expand my jewelry options so I came up with this version...Oh my they were addicting to make!

I did them double sided so here is the first side.....

here is the backside....hopefully they were different enough that you get lots of options!

I am tinkering with some of these for Christmas ornaments......oh what you can't do with these!!

Cellar Creations is all wrapped up for another year. It was our "golden year" 7 crafter's our 7th show. A big thank you to our community for supporting our crafting habits! Good promoter I am....forgot to take a picture of the jewelry table!

And finally.........

Bob is recovering nicely and running wild through the house again.....well not right now.....

Friday, November 26, 2010

I hope you are all full of good eats and tired from good shopping......our last show starts tonight. a few pictures of some of the items going...excuse the haste but wanted to show some of the new items.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


It has been a quiet sleepy day here at our house. Many thanks to our wonderful customers and new friends we met at our show yesterday.

Bob had another trip to Doc to check his tummy and now is doing the usual cat thing...lazing about and sleeping.

For the last few weeks we have had some new friends visiting us each nite....they are so ugly they are cute. How fast they are growing...I am not sure what happened to momma. I was talking to them from the door the other night and one came walking towards me....the door went shut in a hurry!

Friday, November 12, 2010

P.M.S Party

It's time for the P.M.S. party.....I am ready to pamper my self after these last few weeks of sewing, bending, painting, ......and then I went one way and my knee the other so a limping off I go to the show.....

I have had allot of fun with the jewelry. Thank you Cindy Wimmer for the wire roses I love how simple they are to make and how great they look!!

My beautiful little Bob went storming across the house last nite after we had gone to bed...we heard a loud noise and glass breaking so went looking to find that he had run into the food bowls breaking one into a thousand pieces. This morning when I went to pet him he cried and cried...he has a gash on his tummy. Needless to say he is visiting Doc and since he had to be put under he is having his man surgery too. Poor little one is going to be hurting just a bit. I am sure he will be running into more stuff by the end of the week...his sister is lost without him today she is walking around crying for him. Slow down Bob!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Puttin My Spin On It

I treated myself to a new ornament pattern from Hidden In The Attic. After I sat down to make the first one I got to thinking why can't I make this sit for a cute table decoration! Add a couple of rusty old nails and my little fellow sits up real nice

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Springy Snowman Junk Le Bells Style

This time of year things get a little hectic and out of sorts at our house...I am a little slow for October's Junk Le Bells. While working on projects for the next show I kept trying to figure out what to do next for Junk Le Bells.....I have done most of the ornaments for the shows and I am working on the bigger projects.

Anyways working on this project......
I finally had an idea. Cutting apart the bed springs leaves you with lots of little coils. Needless to say I have lots of little coils all over the place.

I started with a light weight "stone clay" or you could use paper clay .....
I took about a 3 inch coil and rolled the top into a hook to hang the ornament with.

Roll the clay into a ball. Take your spring part and impale your poor snowman's head. Press in some little black beads or you could just dot some on with paint if you don't want to mess with them. I painted toothpicks orange and inserted for a nose. Let them hang around to dry, Once they are dry you can sand them a bit to get off any marks and then paint them with acrylic paint. I tied a bow and called them done!

Hopefully a quick little project you could do with the little ones!

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