Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Back....

I have joined the ranks of AARP.....the big 5...0 yep a half a century. To celebrate we took a long road trip to the Georgia Mts. I can now say I have survived "throw up road" the hills filled with gold and Cabbage Patch Babies......Yep it took me until I was 50 but I got to see a real live birth of a Cabbage Patch Baby. To Make it even better the new mother's name was Kimberly and she gave her baby the same middle name as me...Dawn.

I now understand why the south is so slow and laid back......throw up road....the road to Suches GA is filled with turn back after turn may only be 15 miles but oh boy hold on to your favorite sights along the way....

a common fence lizard with a to die for blue tail---don't touch he can make you ill!!
He was sitting on my favorite subject of the trip!!

A perfect subject--he's got just a little bit of attitude!!
through the hills filled with gold .....

My sister and I played in the river....

while the men fished for these.....

only Mother Nature could come up with a trout rock!!

While Mr Bossman talked fishing I had the pleasure of meeting a "Phoebe" friend ---we even had close encounters with those beautiful little hummers....Boss man had a face to face with one!! MomyarSandy and I ready to visit the patch!! She is a true Georgia peach!!!

A nice beautiful place to play.....relax......and embrace being half a centuary old...make sure you click on the pics and then click again to really enjoy the beautiful wildflowers!!

Oh I have lots more pictures to share......

Monday, August 9, 2010

Race to the Craft Show

Raceway Tire & Exhaust Bizarre BazaarDate: Saturday, August 14th 2010
Time: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

We will be doing a first time show this weekend. I have been busy working on some new projects and expanding our Silverware Jewelry line. Fast cars and fast sales......

Just a few shots of what's going on in my yard...Mother Nature
Of course the babies too....trying to figure out the pet door...I love to tease them

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy Babies

I have asked the babies to stop growing....Mother Nature has her own agenda.....

Open Up Junk-Le-Bells

I am a little slow for July Junk-le-bells! I have been collecting can openers for some time now with this project in mind.

First I primed the metal. Next step paint a strip of flesh for the face.

For the cheeks dip an angle brush in some water and pat once on a paper towel, dip the back in your flesh color and the front in red.

Mix by lightly stroking your brush to blend the colors.

Paint a half circle for each cheek by starting in the center moving right and then on the left side moving towards the middle.

Dot your eyes and nose. I use decorating paste to swirl the beard on. let dry and then antique and wipe off. spray with Krylon and tie on a fabric hanger.

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