Monday, May 31, 2010


The babies are growing...

The peacocks have left their winter quarters in the barn and are busy yelling HELP! HELP!

Frogs, toads and pollywags...

Fresh berries and shortcake warm from the oven....

It's officially summer.....

Friday, May 28, 2010

It was a M.U.D. kind of day for me

I am a state employee so I was mandated to take 5 unpaid days from December to June. So today I started the holiday weekend a little early and spent money I wasn't earning! Happy MUD day to me!!
Cross Creek (Simply Iowa Blogspot) in Fairfax has a holiday weekend show so I took off bright and early for a round of junking and antiquing.

Had a little thrill before I got there though. I had just gone pass the interstate and was going down the road when I noticed a car driving in the left lane???? I thought kids playing.... after a couple of hills and miles they were still driving on wrong side and I was horrified! Next thought was elderly couple confused..... I stayed well back and prayed for everyone.
The good Lord heard me and when they got to the first little town I sped up got them in the right lane and then followed them into the gas station. It was a foreign couple evidently used to driving on the opposite side......they had gotten off the interstate and were confused! I made short work of getting the heck out of their way and off to the sale.

Barb and her friends have worked hard all week and late into last night to ready the merchandise....

A very special Mad Hatter Table

Barb's shop is so full of wonderful nooks and crannies...

No matter how many times I walked through I saw something new.....
Thanks for a wonderful time today Barb and Friends!
I will think of you when I am making treasures from my fabulous finds!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Riding along with hubby "Junk" Le Bells Style

The Bossman works in the Farm AG business. I was on a ride along as he checked fields(we are still in the newly wed stage!! ): Amongst all the "important" stuff in the truck there was a bag of these...pressure gauges from anhydrous tanks.

Immediately visions of Christmas ornies filled my head!!
He said no I couldn't have the bag of new ones but he would get me the old ones coming off the tanks!

I sprayed the domed side with clear Krylon to give me some "tooth" to make my paint stick. A blue background with a lighter blue scrubbed on with a dry brush.(dip a scruffy brush in paint and rub off on a rag, then scrub on your surface).

Draw your angel and start painting. Ivory for her dress. Add a little water to the ivory then wash on the wings. A dot of flesh color for her head and hands. Flesh stick legs. Rust colored lines for her hair and a gold halo. Decorate her dress with gold hearts, stars...whatever you like. Black dot eyes and a rust line for her mouth.

Rusty wire and bells to complete her and she is ready to hang on your tree.

Imagine that his boss had never seen a decorated pressure gauge!

I had alot of fun with these...Santa's, snowmen...shame on me for not taking pictures of all the designs!

Pick up a brush and start painting!
It's really not that hard!

go visit Jill!!! Junkle Bells

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tin Snippin


My first Monarch of the season--he flitted away to fast I wasn't done taking pics!

Get better "MOM"

Tin snippin........

I have been playing around with these guys......making flowers...jello and candy molds

Snip them up, prime and paint...faux finish and start stacking.....

I used one of my Grandmothers earrings for the center

Close up so you can see the heirloom this stuff!!

Old cabinet door....not liking this!! Not enough contrast so will have to play with some other colors of flowers....brown ones drying as I type!!

I'll be snippin and playing with colors!! The brown....not wowed by them....back to the drawing board.....

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Stroll

Oreo and I decided to take a walk around the yard and over to the pond this afternoon. We needed to check on all the goings visitors and new babies to check out...

My very own hummingbird....

Oreo always on the lookout.......
Seems they were watching us too! They are so funny as they sound off as they jump in the water...telling us off for disturbing them I guess.

Oreo, Bubba and Nosey love to go froggin. We can see them from the living room wandering around the pond bank. I brought home tadpoles for our little to watch them grow.

A empty nest...the babies on their way already...the feeders have been busy today lots of young birds. I see the gold finches are here as well as the woodpeckers today..we have 3 different ones that visit.

I could hear a racket.....Bud was on his way..guess we forgot to ask him to come with us...he usually never visits the pond...tooooo far to walk!

We have 4 new babies from the wild geese that come back every year. Daddy is very protective of his babies...It was raining when they hatched the other day.....they walked the new babies to the barn to keep them warm and dry!!

Our trip to the greenhouse coral bells, blue saliva's, dahlia's and pink gaura.
Hope you all had a nice weekend. It's back to the daily grind tomorrow!

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