Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mama my wannabe puppy

Ya ready to go Bubba......

I have been so lost without my golden retriever Maddy. For all these years there has always been a dog in my life. When Maddy passed in August we had already decided that we would wait a few years for another dog. We can take off and go with the cats...we just have someone check on them every couple of days. Mama came to us a couple of years ago and has become my shadow. We decided to venture out again today and she was right there with us. She investigated the sleds, rolled in the snow and found a comfortable spot in my lap to watch all the action...the rest of the crew??? Asleep in the house.

sledding makes you tired..

I think we are all tired and weary of snow but, days like today take you back to your childhood....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ma Nature..can't beat her join her

Well since good ole Ma Nature isn't letting up on us we decided to brave her cold and wind and have some fun.

hold on dad!!



A fun the old days this was the neighborhood dance hall. I have had many conversations with the elderly lady down the road who used to come across the field with her husband for the dances. It still has the oak floor, one step stage and bench seating all the way around the room. The lower part served as a garage and housed the big wood burner stove that kept the hall warm.

Monday, February 22, 2010

February "Junk"le Bells

I decided to follow along with Jill and show you some of my silverware ornies....

These are pretty easy and fast to do! Prep your metal, then paint a band of flesh color(2coats). Next add cheeks and dot eyes. I also add a dot of flesh color for the nose in between the cheeks. Add a band of red for the hat. Use texture paste to add the hat brim, pom pom and beard. I use a toothpick to swirl in the design. Antique over the beard areas to get definition. Spray with Krylon. Use wire to make hanger, add a rusty bell and finish off with a bit of fabric.

With all the extra silverware parts laying around our house I needed to come up with ways to use all the scrap......

This is about the same face I used on the Santa knives. I can't come up with a better picture of the knives so maybe this will help you with them. This pattern is from one of my favorite artists Renee' Mullins from Plum Purdy.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cold tired feet and treasures

When hubby and I are on the road you never know where we might pull in. We always have to leave plenty of ramblin time in our schedules! Some of the places of memory from our trip....

Cotton City Antique Mall, Mobile AL.. small world ran into someone that had lived in Iowa City. A nice Antique Mall was fun roaming the many rooms.

Down the road we found a really big antique

We decided to stay put and tour the USS Alabama a must see if you are in the area!
It's full of treasures!!

Gateway Antiques 4103 Cloud Springs Road, Ringgold, GA
a huge place with some awesome furniture and lots of good stuff..I found a teal blue tin wind up clock.

Down the road in Chattanooga we spent all of our time at one store...the front was very deceiving it was huge and full of treasures

We had no trouble finding treasures here....Hubby was in silverware heaven..I spent just about as much as him on my treasures!
love my chippy old light and these were her grandpa's snuff tins.

As we crossed the back roads of TN we came across
This used to be a barn and wandering around looking at all the treasures and architecture was fantastic!
I found this old sales rack

an awesome deal on these

This last place we had visited before but, with all the traveling we do I had forgotten about it until we saw the signs outside of St Louis...St Mary, MO

this place is huge it was a school at one time. It will take quite awhile to see it all--if you are looking for something you will find it here!

All of our treasures
as well as us home safe and sound


After our swim with the manatee's it was time to go shopping.....
we picked up a typewriter in Crystal River

then off to some junk/thrift shops..I picked up a vintage dictionary and a colorful stamp book...

We found this in Brooksville FL would these look in my farmhouse flowerbed

speaking of flowerbeds...

all in all there was just...

If you are in Florida visit them at 503 Sth Main St, Brooksville or visit this to see what's behind the doors........

they have a little less score!

Fat and Cute......

Manatee's behind the rope at rest....they are in a protected area where humans aren't allowed to go....

yep, thats us behind those masks!

checking each other out....

dental floss for manatee' the sand wears their teeth down new ones come in!

boy they are pretty!!! (They don't have good eye sight)

momma and baby

This has been a very cold winter for the manatee's as record numbers are gathering to help conserve warmth. Florida Wildlife is keeping a closeful watch on them.

see you next time.....what an amazing experience!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The best swim of my life

TODAY WE SWAM WITH THE MANATEE'S!!! I have always been taught to respect wild animals so when out of nowhere ms manatee showed up in my face I panicked!! OK it didn't take long for me to get comfortable and enjoy the whole experience. It had been years since I snorkled and it didn't take long to remember how much fun it is. A perfect day for a cold frozen Florida!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well hubby might have been dreaming of sun, warm sand and bikini's.......we have the cold sand and sweatshirts at the beach. I know at home they just received 5" of snow but........Mother Nature please play nice and send me some warm sun! Today we braved the winds and visited the manatee's at the electric plant here in Tampa.

the rays were jumping out of the water and the manatee's just put their snouts out because it's too darn cold to do much else.

There is always the junk and flea markets to visit!!