Saturday, January 30, 2010

My version of a game tree and spoon and knife and...

Kimm at the Hillbilly's made some ornaments from game pieces...I have been having my own fun the last couple of years ... The knife santa's were from some pate knives that came with my grandma's stuff.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What not to ask your comfy on the couch husband

Lesson learned tonight when I was brainstorming for a fellow blogger. DO NOT ASK HUBBY TO DRILL HOLES IN STEEL. Hubby is all comfy on the couch doing his net surfing. I ask honey please could you drill me 3 little holes. He grumbles but off to the basement he goes. I hear the drill --I think good that was quick. I hear banging. I think hmmmmm. I hear tools flying. I think oh boy. I hear not so nice words. I go sit on the stairs and offer encouragement. I get a nasty look. I hustle back upstairs and resume surfing the net. Hope you like your tree Jillruth.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Broken Plate Angel "Junk-le-bells"

China plate angel

I did these angels about 7 years ago and they have always been my sister's favorite ornament. Shame on me I didn't get any close up pics of them and I used some very beautiful plates so please use your imagination.....
First get your plate pieces--I used a wet saw to cut mine. You could try using a glass cutter and lightly tapping to break the plate into pieces.
The head is a round tile mosaic piece. I used enamel paint and heat set per manufactures directions. Glue to plate.

Use bits of yarn for hair and star tinsel

Add a ribbon hanger and ribbon wings

Ain't she sweet?


Sunday, January 24, 2010


He's dreaming of hot white sand and bikini clad women.......Florida better put out!! Hubby has never been to the ocean so we are both looking forward to a new adventure. We are junking our way there of course....Memphis to Mississippi along the coast to Tampa. Hopefully we will end up in Tampa... never know when we get to junking.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The only thing to do on a day in January when God decides to send rain in the freezing form....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get out of the house! Meet new friends!

I have been battling the flu for a week now. I have the don't wanna do nothing but I'm bored syndrome. After wandering around the house for a couple of hours yesterday my husband said get dressed I'll take you out to lunch. Lunch date that will perk anyone up. We headed down the road and when we got to interstate he gave me choices. To the Outlet Mall or the Amana Colonies-junking/shopping. I did the I'm really not that hungry can we shop for awhile! We visited the Made in Iowa store where we met up with Jeanne from Jeanne's Soaps. We had a nice long visit and I purchased my gardening soap so I am ready for the spring yard work. I always start off wearing gloves and then lay them somewhere and get my hands black! Next we were headed down the road to Cross Creek Antiques(Simply Iowa blog) The music and lights were on but no one home! I found a few treasures and called Barb to finish the sale! She was at a local auction buying the most wonderful furniture--oh I wish I had room for more. If you are ever in the Amana area go on down the road north to Fairfax-- make sure to stop at this store jam packed with lots of fun stuff. We headed to Cedar Rapids and the Cellar Door next. I found a stash of poker chips which I am going to use for ornaments next year. A ping pong paddle will paint up nicely, a small funnel destined to be a hat, a darner to paint on and a nice red handled knife --really liking these to paint on. I pick up sifters when ever I can find them reasonable and the candy molds will make nice ornaments too. The tin pail came home loaded --it will be a project of some sort. We ended the day at Granite City--a very good treat. My Cricut arrived this week and the only action it has seen has been the cats all fighting to see who gets to sleep in the box! Hopefully tomorrow I will get enough energy to sit down and play --for now football and a Sunday afternoon nap have been lined up.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

what to do with leftovers

When you have a husband with boxes and boxes of leftovers what do you do with them?? He was getting ready to visit the big green metal box with them when I said STOP! Let me think.......

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my favorite junk

This is my favorite piece of re purposed junk. Though it's really not junk. It is a treasure. This was Popo's fence fixing box. Popo and Irene moved next to us when I was 5. They actually moved into our farm house and we moved across the road to an acreage. When he was older and poorly I used to take care of him so that his daughter could get some sleep or her and her husband could get away for a few days. He was a itty bitty little man who wore bib's 2 sizes too big, a railroad hat and chewed!!!. You could always find him in his chair on the sun porch and that chair was where he took his last breath too. Irene crocheted the watermelon and I treasure it too. I was privileged to be able to help take care of her in her last days. I feel very blessed to have a piece of their past and hope one day to pass it on to their great great grand kids if someone likes junk as I do. For now it sits on my kitchen counter and is just perfect for our paper towels and kleenex.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Never too old to learn a new trick

Mutter.... mutter slowly I am learning about posting! Someday this will all be easy! I have finally stopped "lurking' and signed into the Junk Revolution. I love to see what other areas of the country are crafting with. Many years ago while visiting my sister in Nova Scotia I realized there is a whole big world of crafting and we are not all on the same bandwagon. The popular stuff there seemed to be much different than here at home. Sis and I were having quite the time crafting with burned out light bulbs and her MIL was so worried I wouldn't see any of the scenery that she gave me a book on Nova Scotia. Needless to say we did put down the crafts and take off sightseeing. I am looking forward to more junking coming up--going to some new areas so that will be quite fun. I need to clean up my room of horror so the next round can start. I thought when I built my craft room it would be plenty big....oh boy did I mess up. Maybe I need to concentrate on one craft only so there would be fewer supplies needed-----Not!! What fun would that be. As for now this is what is going on in this house.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I should have stayed with this

For the last hour I have been trying to find myself. With a lot of muttering, numerous emails I finally have been found. Old age is really getting to me! I have settled down to the after craft season rush with great ambition. My couch spot is well worn and my lap top hums to all my what am I gonna do next year searches. Craft season was good for us--bad weather kept a few sales from our weekend fall sale but we made them up with an extra show at the last minute. The kitties have settled into their long winter naps with only a few forays into the snow for treasures. Do you really know how many feathers a bird has when it flies around your room trying to evade it's captors? We have new toys this winter a Wii for the house and kids--a 4 wheeler/blade for hubby's fun of playing in the snow. We did venture out for a quick sled ride behind it but boy oh boy it has been tooooo cold to play in the snow. I can see all I want from my big comfy couch. We took a day to visit some of our favorite junk stores and I got a few pieces for my next projects. For now here are a few of my treasures from this year. I wish to give my thanks to the many artist's patterns I have used this year. Terrye French, Soft in the head, Country stitches, Kentucky primitives and Country Whims to name a few!