Sunday, December 5, 2010

Washing Up Christmas Junk Le Bells Style

I have been playing with the washers again! These really are a nice color of red but just not coming out that way when I photograph them.

Here are the supplies you need....

Drop your ink and let it do it's magic then sprinkle with some glitter. I used a craft grade of dimensional coating on these. If you are making jewelry I would reccomend using Colores or Ice Resin they are more durable.

Tie off with whatever you have handy and you are finished.

A great quick little project for this busy time of year.
Thank you to my sponser Jill for Junk Le Bells.....a year of fun ideas!!

I'm linking to a wonderful party with lots and lots of holiday ideas go check it out!


  1. Very, very cute, my faithful Junkle Bells friend! We'll see how the time goes if I can get to trying some of these!

  2. I have really enjoyed seeing all of the great Junkle Bells that you and Jill created this year. You had so many great this one too!

  3. Love these ornaments. I went to one of the Ace Hardware stores last year,and found it had great decorations. It was just one store. The others didn't have them. Kathy

  4. Oh I was just at the hardware store today and forgot to pick up washers! I do have some copper ones here but I think they're too think. So you use the thick silverish ones? It sure helps that you show a picture of the supplies needed, as you know those paints and things are all new to me! Thanks for sharing more info!! Is it really as easy as you make it look?

  5. Brilliant use of the humble washer
    you've certainly transformed them into something special!

    I am playing along for the first time with my thimble bells :)

  6. Nice project but I am distracted admiring all the beautiful felines in the sidebar

  7. This is an amazing idea! I love it! Washers rock! I am featuring this at Grab my "Featured" button.

  8. Cute, I love washer crafts! I bought some in a fit of good intentions, I was going to stamp words into them with my set of metal stamps. This would be another fun way to use them. Do you have trouble with bubbles forming with Glossy Accents? I've seen that product before but still have another similar one to use up, it gets a lot of air bubbles that I have to be careful to pop before they dry.

  9. And I just found you! These are so cute and very unique. I am now following you. If you are interested, here is the link to my blog:


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