Sunday, November 28, 2010

Washer Jewelry....It's a wrap

The washer jewelry has been around for awhile....I know I am a little slow. I wanted to expand my jewelry options so I came up with this version...Oh my they were addicting to make!

I did them double sided so here is the first side.....

here is the backside....hopefully they were different enough that you get lots of options!

I am tinkering with some of these for Christmas ornaments......oh what you can't do with these!!

Cellar Creations is all wrapped up for another year. It was our "golden year" 7 crafter's our 7th show. A big thank you to our community for supporting our crafting habits! Good promoter I am....forgot to take a picture of the jewelry table!

And finally.........

Bob is recovering nicely and running wild through the house again.....well not right now.....


  1. Everything looks fabulous. I know I'd LOVE to come across a craft table like yours, filled with so many pieces of art. Your washer jewelry is beautiful! How did you make those? I've never seen anything like them! I am so amazed at all of the incredible things you make - from your painted iceskate, the spoon jewelry, and the painted Santa can openers. You're an inspiration!

  2. Hey GORGEOUS....!

    Your washer jewellery is BEAUTIFUL & I can see why creating it was an addictive experience....!

    The show looked GREAT & I hope all the Vendors did well for all their hard work....!!

    THANK YOU for popping in to help celebrate my 100th & for your LOVELY comment....It was a PLEASURE having you over....!

    Your entries are in the tub & I have my fingers & toes crossed for you....!!

    Cheers for now from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. PS: You KNOW I LOVE seeing your furbabies but that last pic is just TOO MUCH....I sat & smiled at it for AGES.... :o) !!

  4. Wow, first of all, thank you for visiting me and your sweet comment, I truly appreciate that!
    You have an amazing array of incredible creations here! I love everything I see!

  5. love the washer jewelry and the sale looks fab! Lezlee

  6. Oh, I do love the washer jewelry! Did you paint and then finish it with a glaze or poly? I could so see them as ornaments too!

  7. I love those wish I knew how to make them. You should sell a tutorial.

  8. Hi Kim,
    Your show looked wonderful! That would have been fun to shop there!! And your kitties are just so cute:) Wow, they are really growing!! Thanks so much for the tip on my wreath!! I just may get brave and try that, as we have some stain on hand. Thanks again! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  9. Found them! Very pretty washers..and all so different... A great effect and result.

  10. Love the washer jewelry. They are beyond amazing. I was wondering if you had a tutorial on them by any chance. You're are the most creative I've seen so far.


  11. Beautiful! What kind of glaze did you use? I have tried Paper Glaze but other people use Diamond Glaze or Envirotex (??). Yours look great.

  12. Beautiful! What kind of glaze did you use? I have tried Paper Glaze but other people use Diamond Glaze or Envirotex (??). Yours look great.

  13. looks like the washer jewely made with alcohol ink at

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