Thursday, September 9, 2010


We have been enjoying the beautiful weather here in Iowa. A fishing trip to Back Bone State Park for the guys and we gals took our point and shoots .....

Play'n with the babies...

Play'n with my new pattern from "Soft in The Head" go visit her blog she will amaze you!

I decided to play with the mouse colors so the gray ones are still running nakkid!! I am going to make one a farmer Fall and pumpkins!

Thanks to JillRuth for mentioning GIMP play'n with pic's

I'm gonna have some fun play'n with this!!! Thanks DAD!!!!

Hope you have been play'n too!!!!


  1. Your mouse is so cute! I need to learn more about photo shopping!!

  2. It looks like it was a great day playing! As talented as you are, you'll master the photo editing!


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