Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blow'n Up A Cake

Birthday time again so back to our trick cakes... this time we just blew up the balloon and watched it pop. We are out of kids to trick so now.....

It popped but not as loud as we would have liked. The frosting really added weight to it so it just sort of deflated and fell....we all decided we liked the water cake better!


  1. Hubby's birthday is coming up on Halloween...thanks for the Trick for his Cake I'll give you ALL the credit!

  2. Too funny! I hope you popped this outside! :) those little ghosts are adorable!

  3. ha ha ha. LOVE it, it would be more fun if it exploded, though. Lezlee

  4. Just wanted to tell you I saw you on the fall drive and I love your junk(LOL) I bought a spoon and a shoe horn. My husband was waiting so I had to shop fast. no fun Keep up the neat junk.


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