Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ante Up Junk-Le_Bells style

Now ladies don't go robbing your hubby's poker chips...make this an excuse to go junking!!

I am always on the look out for new surfaces to paint on and of course I needed a new ornament for 2010. I ran across this box....

These are the smooth kind not the more commonly seen plastic ones. Lightly sand to give you some "tooth"...

Drill your holes...

I found a font I liked so sized it and printed it out.

Transfer your pattern...Hint..on small items like this I use a pencil to scribble on the back, take a paper towel and lightly go across it to get excess off then put in on your surface and trace with a pen. For darker surfaces you can purchase white graphite/transfer paper(easy to find at craft stores).

Paint or if you are a non painter use a paint pen...browse your local craft store there are many kinds to choose from. I used a triple thick glaze from Krylon to finish them. Add your decorations and you have a quick and easy ornament!

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  1. What a fun repurposing project! Now I am getting in the mood for Christmas! Except I am starting to work on Halloween crafts first :)

  2. You always make the cutest items. I just love these ornaments.

  3. Yay! You're still with me! And, of course a great project!! I have some of those chips and tried painting them, it didn't go so well. I see now I needed to sand first. And, have some painting talent! These are so cute. I have a friend who would just love the "take time to chase the snowflakes" one. Thanks for linking up!


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