Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pearls, Purr's and a Fish

The babies are busy exploring their new world--they come running full of cobwebs from their adventures exploring all the treasures we store....

Back to work after my baby break.....

I am having fun tearing apart Grandma's earrings and other found treasures...

I still have to attach my flat stones to the center holes.....waiting on a shipment from China.....

Left over parts from the spoon bracelets......boxes and boxes of those to use up!

Just like any baby they are growing fast....

We did a little fishing for Jon's birthday He's officially a teenager now.

It really is a water balloon so when he went to cut it ......well make sure you cut this kind of cake outside....
I filled the balloon with water, placed it in a shallow soup bowl so it was more stable. Frosted with cheap frosting! I cut the fins and tail out of construction paper and dusted it with sugar---couldn't get too cute he was 13 you know!

The Boss had to work so Jon and I went fishing...the deal
he baited my hook and took care of my catch! Around here we believe in catch and release so all of our catch are happily swimming along!

It was a busy weekend here hope you all have a wonderful one too!


  1. Kittens are just so fun to watch...Love that first pic... Your jewelery is great, too. lol, what a fun cake! LEzlee

  2. Wow, you have been a busy bee! Your jewelry is great! And those sweet kitties are getting big :) Too funny about the "cake"! Hope the birthday boy cut it outdoors!

  3. Happy to find your blog! Your kittens are really adorable...and just love what you're creating with the vintage pieces!


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