Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sunday the day of arrival set the tone for what lies ahead for us. We started seeing tractors when we hit the interstate for our 3 hour trip north... my eyes matched the windshield...... wet...

Rain didn't stop us from finding old "tractorcade" friends...you may not not know their names but you know their tractor! The day was complete when we saw our favorite Grandpa and his tractor....these are old farmers and you never know what year might be the last ride.

7 AM Monday morning Group 1 (10 MPH) donned our rain gear and headed out to see the sights of Northern Iowa.
We were dry but not for long!

If you ever thought Iowa was flat and full of corn/bean fields....take another look

It's a family thing for us.....

Dad and Mom

....parked for lunch. By now all 520 tractors(7 groups) are on the way....WMT Radio staff keep us on task....the horn blows and we are off. Sometimes the groups meet each other heading in opposite directions....there is only so much room to park tractors!

Not only are the tractors parading down the road. Local farmers line up their own parade for us to see...

I turned over the driving this year....I get to sit in the buddy seat and take pics!
There are many beautiful new homes and farms along the way.....I chose to take pictures of the past......

This ride is about promoting Iowa farming but it is so much more. We are from all makes of life enjoying the simple task of riding a tractor and seeing our state. It makes no matter what you drive....if you are in need of assistance many will step forward to make sure you hit the road running.
May those who are impatient with us for slowing their travel someday come to understand the pleasure of simple things....

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  1. Hi Kimmy
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Too bad about the rain. Loved your pictures of the old barns. My dad was a farmer all of his life, and he would've just loved this!


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