Sunday, June 27, 2010

JUICY...... Junk Le Bells June

Several years ago I used juice lids for a project and still had a whole box of them sitting here. Since I always seem to paint my Junk Le Bells project I wanted to offer something that all you non painters could do.

My updated version of juice lids.

Bells and wire...

Crochet and bells...

I used an awl and hammer to make my holes. I just did top/bottom then side/side. Divide again and then once again ---I had 16 holes. Paint the rims your desired color. I sized the pictures to fit the inside rim and used mod podge to put them on. Once they were dry I sealed the top with mod podge again.

My crochet trim : round one single crochet into the hole and then 4 chain. My 2nd round was 1 single, 1 double, 1 triple, 1 double, 1 single on each chain.

I had to use some paint of course! I used a Lt coco to help stiffen the crochet thread. Then to accent I used a brown wash around the the outside edges.

Rusty bells sewn on every other one.

I painted on some white glue and sprinkled with cinnamon for the rusty look...

For the bell edge I just took a length of rusty wire and wove in around the edge putting a bell on each hole.

I used a fat handle to wrap the wire around to make my hanger and then curled the ends into spirals. I finished them off with a quick spritz of glitter spray for a little extra bling.

My next batch.... I used gold spray paint on how to finish the edges....

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  1. Those are fabulous!! Those would sell like hotcakes at the craft shows around here. I might have to try my hand at some :)

  2. Kimmy, these are great! Thanks for all the good instructions and the non painter project!

  3. What a great idea, those are really neat!

  4. I love those! Great job!

    (Come on over - I'm hosting my first giveaway now!)

  5. These are great since I can't paint, but I can't crochet either, so I will have to do the bells or something different...Yours are way cool! Lezlee

  6. That is truly a trash to treasure...and WHAT a treasure. Love those. Thanks for sharing!


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