Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Stroll

Oreo and I decided to take a walk around the yard and over to the pond this afternoon. We needed to check on all the goings visitors and new babies to check out...

My very own hummingbird....

Oreo always on the lookout.......
Seems they were watching us too! They are so funny as they sound off as they jump in the water...telling us off for disturbing them I guess.

Oreo, Bubba and Nosey love to go froggin. We can see them from the living room wandering around the pond bank. I brought home tadpoles for our little to watch them grow.

A empty nest...the babies on their way already...the feeders have been busy today lots of young birds. I see the gold finches are here as well as the woodpeckers today..we have 3 different ones that visit.

I could hear a racket.....Bud was on his way..guess we forgot to ask him to come with us...he usually never visits the pond...tooooo far to walk!

We have 4 new babies from the wild geese that come back every year. Daddy is very protective of his babies...It was raining when they hatched the other day.....they walked the new babies to the barn to keep them warm and dry!!

Our trip to the greenhouse coral bells, blue saliva's, dahlia's and pink gaura.
Hope you all had a nice weekend. It's back to the daily grind tomorrow!

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