Saturday, May 8, 2010

Creating Mother's Day

The kids are here this weekend so while the guys were trying to kill each other on the PS3 Lulu and I created presents for our mothers. We started with circles of construction paper and then shared the cutting and curling duties. I mixed the "glue" and she planted the seeds on our flowers. Our bouquets needed a vase so I came up with cutting off water bottles, gluing pretty tissue paper around them and finishing off with some paper crinkles.....all stuff we recycled!

I guess my "hoarding" of maybe someday I can reuse this supplies came in handy!

Some of the flowers are just curled paper and the others have seeds in them that our moms can take outside and plant.

Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day


  1. These are very darling... lol, on the hoarding. It is always easy to get a school project or a centerpiece done around my place, but you might have to wash a bowl if you want some cereal, oops, I did I type that out loud...Lezlee


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