Monday, April 19, 2010

SMILE..Crafty Kids

We were artists this weekend. This is the Peanut's version of a DQ smile. Start with black construction paper. Make your outline from white glue and let dry(it takes a while to dry so plan ahead). Color with chalk, rub with your fingers and seal with hairspray(I actually used krylon matte finish). My pictures don't really do the colors justice--they are so pretty in person.

A fun project to do! We had people from 8 yrs old to 70 playing with these!

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  1. those look fun! My daughter is an 'artist in training' we will have to work on these this weekend, especially if it rains!

  2. This could be a great 4-H project. We could paint the glue at the beginning of the meeting and color in at the end or even the next meeting. (I only have 3 girls in the club so we can take on messy projects!) These look really neat.


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