Thursday, March 25, 2010

Social Security..WHAT NOT TO DO

I have been a bad "wife". I changed my name on my drivers license, my payroll, my get the drift. I had never gone to the Social Security Office and changed my SS Card. Mr. Tax Man frowned on this last year so 2 hrs before this years appointment off I go. I leave work early so I get there in plenty of time before closing. I am prepared. I have done my homework. I know the location--2nd floor post office(downtown parking if you are lucky). I have all the suggested documents. Ok. drive downtown see an open parking meter a block from destination--take it and walk--rain won't melt me. Into the Post Office--hmm how do I get to 2nd floor go completely through to other side--Passport Office--na not leaving American soil anytime soon. Turn around back to where I came in. Go through other doors and finally see a man come out of the stairwell--can't see the elevator(good exercise). Finally on 2nd floor and having trouble reading the very small sign(need cheaters). Turn the corner and there sits a very nice young Officer. Ma'am do you have any sharp objects in your purse? Me ahhh...oh I have a couple of box cutter knives that I just bought for work(as he is starting to dig through my very small purse-- should be a red and blue one.... he pulls out my diamond emery board, oh....he pulls out a pair of really sharp little scissors(dull ones from work that get tossed) and finally the dreaded box knives.......

Ma'mm you can't have these in a federal building I am going to have to ask you to leave....I just want to leave the purse with him but, turn around. Back down the steps, down the street(raining) put said purse with contraband in car....start all over again...Back to 2nd floor turn the corner look at him grinning... me-- "I don't usually carry the dam thing just brought it in for document back up"... Officer--Ma'am just go on in.

Takes 5 min. clerk only wants marriage certificate(none of the other 10 back ups I brought with me). Ma'am you will be official in the morning. Out the door with 15 Min. to spare.

Note to self..CLEAN OUT PURSE --look for sharp objects, old Christmas ornament, loose ob tampons, used Kleenex, parking lot flattend beer bottle caps(used for crafting the hard part is done for me!)..... before letting good looking Officer rummage through purse!


  1. you are just too funny !! i am always paranoid abot what's in my bag going through those detectors..cause in this business, you just never know what you might be gave me a laugh !

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