Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Never too old to learn a new trick

Mutter.... mutter slowly I am learning about posting! Someday this will all be easy! I have finally stopped "lurking' and signed into the Junk Revolution. I love to see what other areas of the country are crafting with. Many years ago while visiting my sister in Nova Scotia I realized there is a whole big world of crafting and we are not all on the same bandwagon. The popular stuff there seemed to be much different than here at home. Sis and I were having quite the time crafting with burned out light bulbs and her MIL was so worried I wouldn't see any of the scenery that she gave me a book on Nova Scotia. Needless to say we did put down the crafts and take off sightseeing. I am looking forward to more junking coming up--going to some new areas so that will be quite fun. I need to clean up my room of horror so the next round can start. I thought when I built my craft room it would be plenty big....oh boy did I mess up. Maybe I need to concentrate on one craft only so there would be fewer supplies needed-----Not!! What fun would that be. As for now this is what is going on in this house.

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