Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my favorite junk

This is my favorite piece of re purposed junk. Though it's really not junk. It is a treasure. This was Popo's fence fixing box. Popo and Irene moved next to us when I was 5. They actually moved into our farm house and we moved across the road to an acreage. When he was older and poorly I used to take care of him so that his daughter could get some sleep or her and her husband could get away for a few days. He was a itty bitty little man who wore bib's 2 sizes too big, a railroad hat and chewed!!!. You could always find him in his chair on the sun porch and that chair was where he took his last breath too. Irene crocheted the watermelon and I treasure it too. I was privileged to be able to help take care of her in her last days. I feel very blessed to have a piece of their past and hope one day to pass it on to their great great grand kids if someone likes junk as I do. For now it sits on my kitchen counter and is just perfect for our paper towels and kleenex.

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  1. Hi Kim!
    I am sooo sorry I missed you! Hope you made it through the Store, without injury! I hope to meet you soon. I was just reading your story...I think we have much in common! Try and make it to the Anamosa Show... It's really Fun!


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