Sunday, January 10, 2010

I should have stayed with this

For the last hour I have been trying to find myself. With a lot of muttering, numerous emails I finally have been found. Old age is really getting to me! I have settled down to the after craft season rush with great ambition. My couch spot is well worn and my lap top hums to all my what am I gonna do next year searches. Craft season was good for us--bad weather kept a few sales from our weekend fall sale but we made them up with an extra show at the last minute. The kitties have settled into their long winter naps with only a few forays into the snow for treasures. Do you really know how many feathers a bird has when it flies around your room trying to evade it's captors? We have new toys this winter a Wii for the house and kids--a 4 wheeler/blade for hubby's fun of playing in the snow. We did venture out for a quick sled ride behind it but boy oh boy it has been tooooo cold to play in the snow. I can see all I want from my big comfy couch. We took a day to visit some of our favorite junk stores and I got a few pieces for my next projects. For now here are a few of my treasures from this year. I wish to give my thanks to the many artist's patterns I have used this year. Terrye French, Soft in the head, Country stitches, Kentucky primitives and Country Whims to name a few!

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