Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get out of the house! Meet new friends!

I have been battling the flu for a week now. I have the don't wanna do nothing but I'm bored syndrome. After wandering around the house for a couple of hours yesterday my husband said get dressed I'll take you out to lunch. Lunch date that will perk anyone up. We headed down the road and when we got to interstate he gave me choices. To the Outlet Mall or the Amana Colonies-junking/shopping. I did the I'm really not that hungry can we shop for awhile! We visited the Made in Iowa store where we met up with Jeanne from Jeanne's Soaps. We had a nice long visit and I purchased my gardening soap so I am ready for the spring yard work. I always start off wearing gloves and then lay them somewhere and get my hands black! Next we were headed down the road to Cross Creek Antiques(Simply Iowa blog) The music and lights were on but no one home! I found a few treasures and called Barb to finish the sale! She was at a local auction buying the most wonderful furniture--oh I wish I had room for more. If you are ever in the Amana area go on down the road north to Fairfax-- make sure to stop at this store jam packed with lots of fun stuff. We headed to Cedar Rapids and the Cellar Door next. I found a stash of poker chips which I am going to use for ornaments next year. A ping pong paddle will paint up nicely, a small funnel destined to be a hat, a darner to paint on and a nice red handled knife --really liking these to paint on. I pick up sifters when ever I can find them reasonable and the candy molds will make nice ornaments too. The tin pail came home loaded --it will be a project of some sort. We ended the day at Granite City--a very good treat. My Cricut arrived this week and the only action it has seen has been the cats all fighting to see who gets to sleep in the box! Hopefully tomorrow I will get enough energy to sit down and play --for now football and a Sunday afternoon nap have been lined up.

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