Wednesday, May 27, 2009

rain rain go away

This time of year we are lulled to sleep by the trilling of the frogs in the pond across the road. Add the tree frogs in our little garden pond and let the music roll. A great day to be a cat curled up in bed. We tried not to disturb them as we made the bed this morning. Mama was fast asleep so we made the bed over her and then uncovered her area. Bubba had been out in the garage playing and came flying into the house and up the stairs--probably fast asleep now next to Mama. We just stood in the kitchen laughing as it sounded like a herd of elephants going through the house. Big Bad Bud had done his job of guarding the porch overnight and had claimed his spot too. The mice and baby snakes will be safe for the day(we hope). The furry kids are so nice and thoughtful to bring us daily presents! The craft season is calling so I have gotten started in the craft room. Busy doing projects for customer orders. I am anxious to start on this year's Christmas ornie. I will be doing my magic to turn old checkers and domino's into treasures. We are coming up with new ideas for our silverware jewelry line. Trying to use all the discarded pieces from the bracelets has become quite a challenge. The garden lies waiting to be planted. I am late this year but, will enjoy Dad's garden until ours is producing. There is nothing better than a fresh garden lettuce and spinach salad. Even the kids request spinach and mandarin orange salad. Yum!

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