Friday, September 12, 2014

The Barn

photo credit Kelsie Berg Photography

photo credit Kelsie Berg Photography

This is The Barn
owners John and Joni Yoder remodeled this for their daughter's wedding last spring. 
 Now they will be having a Vintage Flea Market each Spring and Fall. 
This past weekend was the first show and what a time we had. 
 Friday night it rained but the shoppers all came prepared in boots and carrying umbrella's.  
 Saturday we had a perfect day of sun and yet another wonderful crowd.  
The Barn and it's yard were filled with treasures.....
 Mike and I loved the venue....only 10 min. from our house. 
 We are looking forward to next spring!  
The photo's were quickly shot ....there just wasn't time to really get the shots I wanted.....
we were busy!

I hadn't painted in quite some time so I finally broke out the paints and painted old kitchen scales plus some cement trowels and a old dust pan.

old boards and candy tins
moldings and rusty springs make great vases!
door knob picture holder
hinge picture holders

we had lots of jewelry too....
spoon rings were very popular....
Mike had to quickly make more overnight!

I had lots of offers to buy my jewelry displays.....
maybe another thing to add to our selling list!

We thank the Yoder's for their hospitality
what a wonderful event!

Next for The Barn
 check out The Barn on FB!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

VACATION! Gettin away from it all......

Intermission of a stated employment, procedure, or office; a period of intermission; rest; leisure.

Yep this year we took a and leisure....
we loaded the boat
threw Marley in the truck
headed for the UP  "Yooper land"

The 3 bears showed up at the restaurant for my birthday supper!

We stayed in Bergland  Bay
AJ's Walleye Resort
Lake Gogebic 
the UP's largest inland lake

 Mike fished 

 Marley napped......
played ball

We then moved Eastward to
Coleman's Resort
on Lake AuTrain
a five minute drive to Lake Superior

more fishing and lots of nature greeted us there
A bald eagle calls the lake his could hear his screeching all day

I was kept busy making hummer food......what a joy to sit and watch

Mama turkey feels right at home parading her brood through the yard and hanging out sunbathing....
Marley and I did beg a boat ride....
I loved the colors of the water
the flora growing under the surface



time flies so fast......

there were signs that autumn is upon us...

my favorite August snack
oh the trips we had in the Colorado Mts gathering these beauties

Kodah says
ya all come back!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fall JULY!

Here in Iowa we have been enjoying "Fall"
with lows in the 40's at night
the windows are open
it's been a sleepers delight....
according to the weatherman
all must come to an end...
the humidity is back
the temperatures will be back to normal
so we are enjoying our last day.
the flower beds are busy blooming...

I added a few more flowers and junk too!

the daisy's are all blooming.....





I have lots of Lilies many yet to bloom


I thought it was interesting how the petals of this one folded back so much
I found a new color of cone flower
this one has a peachy bloom that turns more pink as it ages
I am even growing color coordinated mushrooms......
Phlox an old time favorite
New for me this year   Hen and Chicks

I love coral bells and have many varieties of them
They are a favorite of the hummers too
I always leave some milkweed for the Monarch's
first come all the little bugs
the Monarch was fluttering around the plant last night

Marley says thanks for stopping but we really need to play ball now.....
 I just have to add this one.....even after dark the gardens are beautiful