Friday, May 1, 2015

Flying Missiles

I have been posting!  
 We have been busy though!
When we want to hit the road for a quick get away Madison WI calls our name. 
 A short drive and we both have lots to keep us busy! 
A favorite shop to stop at is Meant To Bead in Sun Prairie. 
 Last time there I treated myself to a class.  
 Blooming Buds is a quick fun bracelet.
  Renee was so gracious and fun to meet.  
I have made a couple more of these for the store.
I need to mention my Angel.
my Mom was always ready for a trip to a casino. 
We like to hit the casino's too and when in Madison always spend the evening trying our luck.
It was late night and I was sitting at a machine that was really hitting...
hubby would pass by and I would give him a ticket to cash out...
he had just left and I felt a hand brush my back....
I turned around expecting to see him back.....
there wasn't a soul around me....
Mom was visiting!
So thank you Mom for the good luck....
I had a great time!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Soaring High

Last weekend we traveled to the Mississippi to watch the eagles.....we sat on the boat eating supper and watching the eagles swoop the water...they were everywhere!  Even at home we have them visiting and as long as they leave the cats alone they are welcome.....

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


There have been some posts lately about what do we really need to be happy.
A year ago we adopted Marley from a family too busy to really have time to take care of him.
What  joy he has brought to our home.
Yes, he wanted to eat the cats.....
they are all now friends....
Give him a truck ride with a hamburger kicker....
throw the ball and remember the treats.....
he's a happy dude!
So thank you Marley for making us laugh and smile
you are a keeper!