Wednesday, July 15, 2015


It's summertime in Iowa  hot and humid......


Grandparents Goodwin cabinet

we added a water fountain to the back patio.....I have had fun planting and watching them grow

I found these birdbath stones at a local farmer's supply store....wish I had grabbed more







 trying one of the new colors of cone flowers

 I love Lantana!




Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blooming Kids!

Recently I had "almost" family visiting from Colorado.  The 2 young girls loved my bracelet from a pattern by Renee Kovnesky.   The pattern Blooming Buds is a fun quick bracelet.   As we were sitting and talking I talked Emily through one bud.  She was such a good beadier! 
  We made a date for both girls to come back and bead. 
 Thanks Renee for such a wonderful pattern.....
you created memories for all of us!
Emily was a very quick learner!  Even a couple of days after making the first bud she remembered what we were going to do next.


Abby showing off her bud!

I hope the girls will catch the beading bug!

I think they did a wonderful job!  
They can come create with the "flying missiles" anytime!


Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Time To Stitch 7

I would like to thank  Christine and Therese for once again challenging us to learn and create.  I never thought I would enjoy these "flying missiles" as much as I do!  I immediately went to Pinterest to gather ideas.  Christine and I had a conversation about the beautiful neckwear that we see...loved them but I would probably never wear them.

That led me to learning how to work with beading cabochons .   My first effort was a button that I had laying around.  It was a struggle but once I got it right it "sucked on" the button and wow was I amazed!!

Therese had given me this lovely Succor Jasper stone to work with.
Thank you Thank you Therese!!!
  I loved working with this beautiful stone created just by you!

I love bead embroidery! 
 I just hate making the necklace part!!!
Here's another one I practiced on....I think you ladies have created a monster!!

**someone email me and I lost it...anyways the necklace is a Dutch Spiral  the pattern called for a 4 pattern repeat and I paired it down to a 3 pattern repeat I used Beadalon  wildfire to stitch.**
you can find the list of all the participants here
                                                                                                                   Therese (Host) 
                                                                                                                 Christine  (Host)
I absolutely love you two!!